Treatment Description

The Alexander Technique is a method of producing optimal spinal alignment and helps you to identify and prevent the harmful postural habits that can cause pain, stress and under-performance.

It also allows you to regain control of areas that have ‘bad habits’ or postural adaptions (either after injury or to prevent injury) and produces freer movement.  It is ideal for you if you have a chronic back or neck problem, if you play sports or are an athlete, actor and singer or horse rider.

It is a validated technique as seen in the BMJ (British Medical Journal, received by all doctors and consultants) – the article can be seen here.

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Your first appointment

Alexander technique sessions usually last one hour and cost £30, and can either be taken as a one-on-one session, or you could bring a friend and share the cost.  You should wear loose clothing that allows you to move freely.

More details on the Alexander Technique can be found on the Society of Alexander Technique Teachers’ website

Anne Whitehead MSTAT is the teacher of The Alexander Technique at Physiofusion.