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Top Tips for Sciatica

Physiotherapy treatment is an essential recovery method for any sciatica issues. Once you have been assessed, alongside your treatment will be an exercise plan, which is hugely beneficial to the success of your recovery. Using a regular combination of strengthening, stretching, and aerobic conditioning exercises, you stand a much better chance of recovering from sciatica,

Osteoporosis and Spinal pain

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a slow developing condition whereby the density and the quality of the bones are reduced, making them become more fragile. This process occurs over a number of years and in most cases is only diagnosed when small trauma or a minor fall causes a fracture.   Causes of osteoporosis The

Skiing Injuries – How to help

A number of our Physiotherapists love to head out to the mountains to ski or snowboard, one in particular being Hollie. Each year Hollie spends four months living in Japan at the Niseko ski resort where she works in a physiotherapy practice carrying out sports massage. Working within the ski resort, it has been clear

Dealing with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Impingement A common shoulder complaint that we regularly treat is shoulder impingement (also known as subacromial pain syndrome). This issue actually accounts for almost 70% of all new shoulder pain problems seen within the UK. Shoulder impingement is a condition whereby the structures surrounding the shoulder, such as the rotator cuff tendons or subacromial

Slipped Discs and Low Back Pain

What is a slipped disc? A ‘slipped disc’ is essentially the intervertebral disc pushed out of the spinal column by excessive force and pressure, or example, bending and twisting while lifting a heavy object. The protrusion of a disc can cause pain in the local area, however, if the protrusion is significant enough, it may

The importance of an MOT appointment

So, what are MOTs and why are MOTs important? We all know why we MOT a car; to check that it is in good working order, that everything is structurally sound so that nothing breaks down and the car is efficient.  Well, there is no difference when a Physio gives you an MOT! We often

Managing Hip Injuries

We tend to link hip injuries with elderly people, however, the numbers of patients under 50 that are seeking treatment for hip issues is on the rise. This can also be a positive sign. People are making the decision to treat their problems earlier, rather than choosing to ignore the signs of pain which can lead

How to manage musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries in the workplace

Healthy Business Works is the corporate arm of Physiofusion Ltd – providing private healthcare in the North. They are running a series of HR seminars in Bolton, giving the inside edge on how to manage musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries in the workplace.  The first will give information on short-term sickness absence: what possible outcomes of an injury

How to become a Ninja Warrior UK champion!

As you may be aware, the Ninja Warrior UK final took place this weekend and it did not disappoint! The impressive performance of one individual stood out more than most! Having been 2nd man standing last year, Jonny vowed to come back better and stronger than last year…and he did just that! Jonny Urszuly was

What is CrossFit and why is Physio so important?

CrossFit is strength and conditioning training that combines a wide variety of exercises to give total fitness. It focuses on 3 aspects: weight lifting / training, sprinting / distance running and gymnastics. The nature and the conditioning of the exercises involved mean that there are risks to this training. A study published in the Journal