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Osteoporosis and Spinal pain

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a slow developing condition whereby the density and the quality of the bones are reduced, making them become more fragile. This process occurs over a number of years and in most cases is only diagnosed when small trauma or a minor fall causes a fracture.   Causes of osteoporosis The

Skiing Injuries – How to help

A number of our Physiotherapists are very keen skiers, one in particular being Hollie. Each year, Hollie spends 3-4 months practising Physiotherapy on the ski slopes of Japan and she is most certainly kept busy! By specifically treating skiing injuries on a day-to-day basis for months at a time, this has given Holly the opportunity

Keeping fit and healthy is the best medicine

Why should we keep ourselves fit and healthy? Making sure we keep fit and healthy has many benefits that enable us to live at our full potential. Some of these benefits will improve: Cardiovascular fitness Muscle strength Sleep Well being Joint stability Bone density Maintaining a healthy weight Exercises can also help to reduce the

Reasons to see your Podiatrist

Your foot hurts.  What do you do next?  Do you know why it hurts and what is causing the pain?  Can you see what is hurting it?  If you can, do you know what it is and why it hurts? What do you do about it?  Do you visit your local pharmacy / GP? How

Dealing with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Impingement A common shoulder complaint that we regularly treat is shoulder impingement (also known as subacromial pain syndrome). This issue actually accounts for almost 70% of all new shoulder pain problems seen within the UK. Shoulder impingement is a condition whereby the structures surrounding the shoulder, such as the rotator cuff tendons or subacromial

Slipped Discs and Low Back Pain

What is a slipped disc? A ‘slipped disc’ is essentially the intervertebral disc pushed out of the spinal column by excessive force and pressure, or example, bending and twisting while lifting a heavy object. The protrusion of a disc can cause pain in the local area, however, if the protrusion is significant enough, it may

The importance of an MOT appointment

So, what are MOTs and why are MOTs important? We all know why we MOT a car; to check that it is in good working order, that everything is structurally sound so that nothing breaks down and the car is efficient.  Well, there is no difference when a Physio gives you an MOT! We often

Managing Hip Injuries

We tend to link hip injuries with elderly people, however, the numbers of patients under 50 that are seeking treatment for hip issues is on the rise. This can also be a positive sign. People are making the decision to treat their problems earlier, rather than choosing to ignore the signs of pain which can lead

Why post-event massages are extremely beneficial

Massage can be used as an alternative (or in addition) to your normal cool-down routine. It helps to decrease muscle tone, allowing improvements in muscle length and joint range of movement as well as helping to break up the lactic acid and remove it from your muscles. Research has also shown that massage can also

Do you suffer with Achilles injuries?

We are seeing a huge rise in Achilles Tendon complaints - an injury often associated within the running community or those that participate in more exercise over the Spring / Summer months. What is Achilles Tendinopathy? The main muscles of the calf, the gastrocnemius and soleus converge to form the Achilles tendon located at the